Paradigm x wagmi

Paradigm x wagmi

November 28, 2022 byawkweb

The wagmi core team is now working full-time on the future of wagmi and developer tools for Ethereum, sponsored by Paradigm.

When I started working on wagmi a year ago, I didn’t expect for it to be as popular as it is today. I just needed a decent tool for hacking on Ethereum side projects so I wanted to see if I could build something for myself. Fast forward to today, there's an incredible community of developers and teams building their projects and businesses with wagmi, like ENS, WalletConnect, Stripe Crypto, Sushi, LooksRare, Zora, and many more.

The core team has also grown over the last year. Jake started getting involved on January 16 and officially joined the core team on April 25, after we collaborated on a major update to wagmi. Together, we've published over 200 new versions of wagmi getting 330k downloads/month, 3.4k GitHub Stars, and being a finalist for “Breakthrough of the Year" at React Summit in June.

Since wagmi launched on January 4, the focus has been to keep pulling on the thread of developer experience and tooling for Ethereum to see how far we can push them. Over the last eleven months, we shipped some ground-breaking new features: End-to-end type-safety from your contracts to your frontend, powered by our ABIType library; A Vanilla JS core library, @wagmi/core, opening up the door for additional JS framework support beyond React; Faster “Time To Open Wallet” and more robust mobile deeplinking with Prepare Hooks; request caching, deduplication, and refetching to keep apps feeling snappy and save money on RPC bills.

There’s still an incredible number of Ethereum-enabled apps yet to be built on the horizon. We should demand more from our tools so we can get there. To that end, Jake and I are going full-time on developer tooling thanks to Paradigm’s sponsorship. We have some exciting releases planned for wagmi as well as an unannounced project we think is going to change Ethereum developer tooling. We couldn’t think of a better partner than Paradigm to work closely with on the future of wagmi and developer tools. Stay tuned and see you on the Internet.